Saturday, May 17, 2008

another week another weak

Revised Rules: There are a new set of rules for all rounds to follow. Nothing has changed whatsoever from round 1 but since there were so many problems and misunderstandings with the previous rules we decided to shorten them into broader terms.

- These rules are for your physical and legal protection and to ensure that Water Wars remains possible in years to come. Please see them in that light.

Teams and Equipment:

· Players may use: hand-pumped water funs, garden hoses, kitchen hoses, household faucets, water balloons, buckets of water and pools

· Players may not use (including but not limited to): fire hydrants, fire hoses (the kind that fire men use) high-pressure water guns (compressed air or CO2 powered), or anything that is not drinkable.

· Wetting someone also means that you have to do the wetting.

· If someone claims they have wetted you and they want to check then the game can stop on the spot and that person may check you to see if you are wet; if there is any disputing over things call us IMMEDIATELY and we will sort things out. If you do the wetting, it is YOUR responsibility to check the person for wetness, don’t get mad if we don’t rule in your favor because you never checked the person!


  • You are liable for your conduct and any crimes or damages that may be committed by you during Water Wars.
  • Concerning any type of trouble with authority that you get in involving Water Wars, all wetting of players does NOT count until that trouble blows over.
  • Destruction of property is NOT tolerated, ever. If the owner of the property gets pissed off and feels you have ruined their lawn, belongings, etc. then you will be disqualified.(please don’t use this rule freely just so you can easily get someone out)
  • There is absolutely no kidnapping of anyone.
  • If YOUR parents call the cops on someone in Water Wars YOU are kicked out of Water Wars for the remainder of that round because someone could seriously get in trouble. HOWEVER, this only means calling the cops to bail the kids out of Water Wars, if the parent has a legitimate reason to call the cops, you will face the consequences. This includes blocking someone in the driveway when their parent has to go to work or go anywhere else, destroying property or things of that sort.
  • Please try and have the parents stay out of this, it is only a game.


  • All school properties are off limits for Water Wars activities at all times. OCC, OU, Model, I.A. and Alternative are also off limits. You may not fire on to or off of these properties at ANY time. Church, temple, etc. is also always off limits. Everyone has to go to school, and there could be serious repercussions from messing with the facilities on the weekends.
  • All government owned properties are off limits for Water Wars activities at all times. This includes but is not limited to: the libraries, the office of the Township by Andover, any police and fire stations, the 48th District Court, JAMS drug testing facilities, etc…
  • Entering residences is illegal and off-limits unless invited by a legal member of the household. Garages and carports are considered part of the residence even if they are not attached. You may shoot out of any garage but you may not fire into it.
  • If blocking out a driveway in the morning (on school days) you must leave your position by 7:15 AM and 7:55 AM on late start days; people should not be late to school!
  • Personal vehicles may only be entered if they have an unlocked door (once again, don’t break in). Convertibles, Jeeps with zip tops and similar things DO NOT count as unlocked doors. If riding by motorcycle you are fair game to be shot.
  • Respect the rights of the property owner. If somebody (i.e. a parent) asks you to get off their property, do so. Talking back and fighting results in player fines and/or disqualifications.
  • If you decide to block a player in the driveway and parent(s) must get out, let them out, then you may return to your position.
  • One must have their ENTIRE body inside to count as being indoors
  • SPORTS: you may not be shot at any schools regarding a team sport whether it is home or away. Not only school sports but also including club sports such as travel soccer, tennis, etc.


  • You cannot be shot at your work DURING and ONLY DURING WORK HOURS. Since you cannot be shot, you also cannot shoot during this time. But you can shoot if your at work and your opponent comes in.
  • A place of employment includes both the building and property of that place of employment. If employment requires travel off the premises, the employee must show their exempt status by some other means such as a uniform. Babysitting at someone’s house counts as a place of employment as well as businesses.
  • If you are in the parking lot of work, you are fair game, but ONLY leaving work. If you leave during your lunch break, you are also considered fair game. (You can get shot driving to work but not walking from your car to the building in the parking lot.)
  • If going to your car, during work hours to retrieve something, you are still on duty and in a “safe zone” but you must make this known to the opposing team. (If caught lying about this you will be disqualified.)


  • Tags can only be made by people on the participating teams.
  • Matches will last from 12:00 AM on that Monday until the following Friday at Midnight. You may “post up” at someone’s house on that Monday morning but, once again, you must be off their premises by 7:15 AM. The time between rounds is used for pairing teams and relaxation (use it wisely)
  • Teams may no block off driveways (on school nights) after midnight. You may “post up” at someone’s house but you cannot block off the driveway after midnight due to safety reasons.
  • The organizer must be notified of all tags by phone (no text messages please!) for all purposes the time the organizer is notified shall be counted as the time of the tag.
  • For someone to be “tagged” they must have a thoroughly wet patch on their clothing or body. Please soak as best possible. Two drops of water will NOT be enough so make sure to soak well!
  • When someone is tagged, it is the obligation of their tagger to notify the organize. The organizer must be given the name of the persons both tagging and tagged, the date/time and the place. The organizer will then confirm said details with the tagged person.
  • If tagging is disputed, first attempt to resolve it between the teams. If an agreement cannot be reached the teams must approach the organizer to judge. Concrete evidence (ex: a picture right on a camera/camera phone) will be looked upon favorably.
  • If I and many other people feel that your Water Wars tactics are TOTALLY out of line, I reserve the right to say “Screw you Tyrone, your not longer in this game.”
  • In the event of a tie, tiebreakers will be held on that following Saturday (the end of the round) at least two members must attend from each team. If two can’t make it to the meeting, the opposing team will advance to the next round.
  • Tiebreakers: This can be anything as long as both teams agree and it is Okayed by either Carlo or Courtney. One of us must be there at the time of the showdown as do at least two of each team’s members.


The only time the game may be paused is when you stop to check if someone is wet and this must be known to both teams.


  • This year we have 28 teams, $80 per team.
  • First place winners will receive $1,120
  • Second place winners will receive $560

Courtney- 840-9483

Carlo- 821-8198


Whatever decisions you make to take part in Water Was, YOU must live with the consequences;

Other than that, BE SAFE & HAVE FUN

Sunday, May 04, 2008

so i will do the work and show my problems

but so long as we're clear there are no problems
nothing that can be solved
without a firm handshake and a healthy shiny coat
and a ha ha ha
all up and down the dirty dusty trails
it never ever fails
so keep pace or lag behind

Thursday, May 01, 2008

pimp my UFO

won't you help me chase my food?