Monday, November 26, 2007

Good Questions With Bad Answers, Vol. 2

And the tiny child will eat not one, but three crackers when the time arrives
It's been spoken!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

on automatic pilot and i don't mind trying

the climb to the top
nearly knocked me down with a landslide
but if there's one thing i learned
and the sand of 100 beaches crashed down
trying to make waves in an empty platoon
you try to speak but it's always too soon
finding some kind of forgotten pearl in the mouth of your ancestors
trying to change the leaf's journey
or the tree's quest
from sapling to plain old sap
don't give away the ending
we all know it
and everyone else is just always

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why does no one know

I expect I'll need a note but not know what to write

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just make sure you know it's the cobra who's laying in wait at the bottom of the pot you planted

It's time to rattle a few rib cages
Because my baby keeps it electric
Down the last line
I traced on my front lawn
Staring up at the middle light
It used to be the moon
Now it just buzzes on the line
And talks to me and says I can tell the truth now too
The truth is
I don't know,
About a buck 95
So ask for your change back
You'll never get back
No no no never get back
But it's too late
Gotta gotta keep up
Gotta act all interested
When you've inherited a throne that's yours alone
Act real interested
And smile big for the pictures
Just to make it a bit clearer
And the object in the mirror might be your reflection

You want the truth you can have it
Keep it up high on the top shelf with the promises you'll always break
And the object in the mirror might just be your reflection

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What’s his full name?

Only three people in this state have my name
And none of them made the top of my list
Or are half the man I'll ever be
I checked twice
And the past passed me by
I didn't get the license or registration
I didn't get the point
I'm breaking in the line of the duty
Just to get a damn break
I swapped my eyes out
Too blurry to speak
Too slurry to see
In the sea
It drifts apart and breaks
The lines are crossed
The lies are lost
And "X" always marks the spot

If you left here three times tomorrow
What would you miss most
The mist or the myth of a mistaken identity
You think you know but it's just a false start
You keep it set apart because it might start again
You thought a lot of things but just wrote them down in a thought balloon
And let it set sail as the acid rained down inside a stormy head
And I've set aside my better half
Hoping to gain interest
In an account I don't own
And it's just registered to a man with my full name
I've never met the man
But where he's buried
"X" always marks the spot

Two to three times in the snow
Once if it pours
To avoid further confusion you can just accept the fact that you're hopelessly hoping that your helping side is helpless
Or just accept the fact that it's always marked by the spot

And what's his full name?
Captain snugglebears and the lovey hold 'ems
Tough crew
He beat my skull in with a razor pick
The same kind I took home to my mother
Before she had me aborted in 912th trimester
The future turns on a dime and I just spent my last quarter
His eyes look like they own the place
And the road map to regret was exactly as advertised
"X" marked the spot and it was so, so unsatisfying

the continents drifted, and i've been thinking of miles down the road and it stretches out as far as you can see

there'll always be words
just not words to describe this

Saturday, November 10, 2007

the the the the AFFECT

the lightning went on strike
and the thunder clapped its hands
and the big man with the tiny hands and the medium dog
just slinked away

Those wizard-grease fires started by Capt. Porno

And it's time to collect because I'm the clown pimp
Clown better have my money