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(five out of 5 people agree, every fifth person you see is a goat)


My historical hip-hop album has once again received some press today. You may read it by following this: E-LINK

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You can also use that address to holla at the founding father and the dope 16th president of these united states.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

rainy sky hi

don't forget to remember
those severed memories
float away like lead balloons
now they just stink up the place
and serve as a constant reminder
never been much for a to do list
among all the much to-dos
they keep their list
and they check it twice
no matter what time of year it is
they're always running late
so save the date
and set an extra place at the table
no sense of time
as it slips away
everyone you know is replaceable
so hold onto your receipt


our circuits are connected
and they are fried
our mistakes are collected
and they are fine
there's no need to dissect it
because it's fine
just fine
help me make it be
how it's supposed to be
because it's just fine
it's unexpected
so help me break it
help me make a break
because someone bent this circuit
so still it flows into the mouth
of someone i no longer know

perspectives on perspective

respect the inertia
or else it'll hurt you
avoid the momentum
to get away from

stay there


running cold then hot

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

there were some good days (before I was born)

"It was a dark and lonely night on the Internet."
"When suddenly..."
"...It got lonelier"

when the steps took the turn toward the door through the steps it crashed in the night and woke up the people in the town and they weren't looking but looking away and she saw her chance and he was fast asleep and she was slow to escape but they were looking backwards and going ahead as planned but the plan was wrong and the papers were lost and the coffee spilled and the ants climbed up an empty hill and the empty thrill of her heart and she was confused and he was confused and the terms were lost and they were abused, in the mail, getting in the way, getting in the weigh in, in the moment on the by on the down low and totally by accident

and if you want an explanation, well, i can say is you're going to have to wait. it might not make sense when it arrives, taking its own sweet time, but you'll get it sooner or later.

if you want in, you're gonna have to fight your way in.

Monday, March 12, 2007

breakfast with subtlety (she speaks to me as if it's some kind of superstition)

life's for the living
takings not forgiving
but it's understood

the tree high bridge fell to eye level
she said "i've got a terminal illness"
but all i thought was "i've got a terminal stillness"

and oh god
are you listening
you can stop now
i never believed in you anyhow

so cast some doubt
and i'll plant some seeds
early one morning
as the sun creaks through the floorboards

pinballs ricochet in an empty brain
but i'm ready to tilt out
for the night
good night, good night

don't laugh you'll miss the humor in it (my dinner with the idiot)

make a mental note of the literal garbage flowing from my mouth
it happens with unseasonable occasion
the rhythm you can set a watch to
the unparalleled mistakes you make
they make it perfect
so don't cast doubt
when there's nothing
you think with your mind
when there's nothing upstairs
the heart's what it's got
so don't you dare
question it
with apostrophes
and sentences
it's a whole new language
flowing from my mouth
so mark the rings around the cut down tree
and contemplate freedom when you were born free
don't die young
don't laugh you'll miss the humor
don't miss the moment while you're in one
don't worry what to say or do
i'm finally done
i'm finally done
i finally spent every cent and dollar i ever earned
i didn't ever listen to the advice i heard
i'm a little tea pot
and this is my spot light
i'm gonna make wrongs right
night life
cutthroat jack knife
cutting holes in a paper thin sky
the stars are on the highway
and i'm finally done
we aren't the world

Sunday, March 11, 2007

burning flags in a meditative state (dumb luck's out to lunch)

The sunrise sped down Sunset Blvd. It cast some doubt on the acne-marked treasure map that used to be a teenage boy's face. Still, digging went on through the night early into the morning. Digging, casting earth in one area upon earth on another area. And what to show of the effort? Bruised egos, misaligned rotator cuffs, and a big empty hole. No gold, no end of a rainbow, just the end of the night.

the correct answer is "i don't know"
you can not believe in something all you like
but that doesn't make it any less real