Saturday, April 26, 2008

and they passed us along the backs of their palms as we stared up at the ocean

your enemies will be taking separate cars

lunch in an inappropriate cafe

lunch in an inappropriate cafe:
lunch can have an order when you taste the stew
you've just got to let me know
when they go too far
i swear someone in here got up in the middle of the night and stuffed the toilet full of hamburgers
they smeared the walls with petroleum jelly and lit it on fire
the grease from a toasted cheese sandwich lines the awnings in my eyes
they flicked off the lights and cut the line
now we can't hear anything
but the sound of our own breathing
in an inappropriate cafe
no one could have asked for this
and no one could have deserved this
they stuck the knife in and stuck me with the bill
up with a twist of lemon
that i never want
but they give me all the same
"our specials today include an impossible quesadilla stuffed with a chinchilla meat and a fine wine perfect for napping"
later i awoke and found my wallet was doing a dirty dance with the salsa platter
"i'm never eating here again but first i have to find a way out"
too bad that bear lured me in, flicked the switch and poured meat tenderizer and spaghetti sauce on my own precious alabaster ankles
later i awoke and my legs were stuck in a bear trap and they stuck me with the bill
"i'm never eating here again but maybe i'll have some dessert"
the waitress says it's her favorite and i'm supposed to care apparently
obviously this place used to be a burger king or a wendy's or a hair salon
in either case the chocolate sundae has seen better days and so has my appeal
and they said
and they said
"you've got 18 minutes to live and we've got 36 bad jokes to cram down your intelligence so keep it down"
this is a smoking section and i've lost my zoning
i've lost my appeal and i've lost my appetite
i'm afraid i'm going to need a doggie bag and he will be mad when i get home
if i get home
i am home

path forgot the question and kept on bubbling

how is it fair that you know my name but i don't know yours?
got a caller
got a collar
in the cellar
#1 bestseller
in an avalanche of opinion
and a spring in a fallen step
the fallen arches standing up for themselves
like the romans say
"if you push me i'll fall"

p.s. i swear i didn't get up in the middle of the night and stuff the toilet full with hamburgers.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

this revolving door flu has made my pinpoint shadow sick

whether it's a canary in the mine or a stitch in time it doesn't make much difference
wwwhat's it add up to?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008

don't point fingers like you're julius advisor

i swallow heart clots
and fake my way through the ink blot test
if you want things to last
you better act fast
this is the start of the page where it hits the center